DIY. It seems as though everyone is all about it in today's day and age but it's not just the latest trendy thing for me; it's in so many ways, part of my makeup. I've always leaned more towards creativity and the arts, though I didn't always acknowledge the pull toward that world.

I think the first realization of my love for art was during my sophomore year of high school. Art class was a core class that was mandatory. I wasn't the greatest at it and sometimes it was frustrating (my 3D design class wasn't always fun for me) but there was something freeing about just letting my imagination take over and seeing what flooded out. Fast forward to today and I can't imagine life without being creative in some form or fashion.

I was presented with the mother of all amazing opportunities (at least for me anyway) in early 2016 when I received a random message on my Etsy shop from someone who worked at Hometalk. They were looking for contributors for their website and they wanted me to be one of them. I had never heard of them before but when I found out that I could do DIY projects for someone and have millions of people see them, I jumped at the opportunity. Taking this leap came with somewhat of a price in that I had to put my own brand and projects on the back burner because the workload was too much for me to maintain by myself. It also taught me to have tough skin because internet trolls are ruthless. For a year and a half, I contributed solely for Hometalk, learning both artistically and personally. The people I dealt with on a weekly basis at their headquarters were the best people to work with and it was overall such a great experience to be part of their team.

While Hometalk is still a client of mine, I have shifted gears back to focusing on the MAG&PINE Co. brand, I can't help but hold on to and share my love for DIY, even if it's in a small way. The beauty of DIY is any person, doesn't matter their education or occupation, can create something from nothing, whether it's functional or just something nice to hang on the wall. For me, the fulfillment I get from knowing I used my own two hands and my imagination to do that is more than money can buy. I've heard people say that they spent more money on the materials for a project than how much they would spend in a store for the finished product. This can be true at times but the experience is worth the few extra dollars to me. My hope for the little DIY corner of this site is to encourage and inspire you to step outside of your box and try something new. With just a few elements, even if you're the most non-crafty person on the planet, you can create beautiful additions to your home. What do you have to lose? You might surprise yourself.