Our family

Our family

Hey y'all! Thank you for stopping by our little corner of the whacky wide web and most importantly, welcome to MAGNOLIA+PINE. We're a husband and wife team who have a deep faith in Jesus, a love for our two beautiful babies, and a passion for art, design and custom work. Rob is a born-and-raise Long Islander who left the island at the age of 18 to join the United States Marine Corps where he spent the next (nearly) eight years of his life. Courtney is a southern belle who was born in Cali to military parents (dad is from the midwest while mom is from the south) but was raised all throughout the south (TN, AL and SC to be exact). Our "together" story is definitely a whirlwind romance and one for the books, but more than that, it's a story of redemption and restoration of our faith.

Redeemed & Restored

We met in an unconventional way...or was it, since it's the 21st century? Technically, we met on Facebook back in 2010, HOWEVER (before you start thinking, "what a bunch of wackadoos!"), we were introduced through my cousin, Erin. •Side note: It's me, Courtney, telling this story because Rob always directs people to me when answering the question, "so how did you two meet?" I figured I'd take over the ABOUT page since I'm usually the one to tell our story anyway.• Ok back to the story...Erin and Rob were stationed together at Camp LeJeune back in the early 2000's. Fast forward to 2010, Erin was looking to reconnect with her Marine Corps buddies and she started communicating with Rob again who was out of the Marines but working as a security contractor in Afghanistan. She and I were super close at the time and were practically stuck at the hip--we even worked together at the same law firm--I still remember exactly where I was when she started talking about her old buddy, "Mitterando". I was dating someone else at the time but she still persisted and often said, "well you can just be friends--you don't have to date him--he's such a nice guy and you two would get along so great!" <insert my eyeroll here>. Needless to say, I was not interested. At all. Within a month or so the guy I was dating at the time was gone and I was back to being a bachelorette, living on my own and super cynical about the idea of love and settling down with someone. And then I got a random Facebook message from some dude named Rob Mitterando. Really?! Super duper long story short, he reached out to me, mentioned that my cousin said he should connect with me <insert more eyerolling on my part> and introduced himself. I responded, in my cynical tone, "...and let me guess, you like long walks on the beach and horseback riding too?" We got past introductions and smart remarks on my part, and developed a quick friendship/penpalship (I think I just made that up). He, after all was a gajillion miles away in Afghanistan and I was in South Carolina. We met up three months later in the Dominican Republic (yes, I was probably a little wackadoo-ish for meeting him but hey, you only live once, right?!). After eight days together, Rob went back to Afghanistan for another two and a half months and then came back to the States for his leave. He drove down to South Carolina to visit me for the weekend and then I flew up to meet his extended family and visit for two weeks the following weekend. After his two+ week leave home and after I returned to South Carolina, his dad dropped him off at JFK airport to head back to Afghanistan for another four month stint. He had discussed with me that he would go back for one more three month stint and then put in his notice but that didn't happen. I got a text from him the night he was supposed to board his plane, advising me that he didn't get on the plane and that his dad was turning around to go back and get him. Due to a sequence of annoyances at the airport and a gut feeling not to get on the plane, Rob quit his overseas, high paying (but super dangerous) job by not getting on that plane. A few weeks later, I flew back up to New York to spend Thanksgiving with he and his family, flew back home to South Carolina that Sunday and then the following week, Rob drove down to South Carolina to move me up to New York. I arrived on Long Island with all of my earthly possessions on December 6, 2010. We married in Emerald Isle, North Carolina on May 27, 2012 and honeymooned where it all began in the Dominican Republic. We welcomed our first born, "Bo" on August 27, 2014 and our baby girl, Callie Jude, who we also call "CC", on April 20, 2017. Rob and I started a journey back in 2010 that has taught and tested us. We have developed a close relationship with each other that is nothing short of amazing while also developing a new, healthy walk with Christ. We both have bruises and scars from our pasts, we've both fallen and have run away from God but together, we have been on a path of reconciliation with our faith and an awakening of what God has for our lives, both individually and as a married couple, and now our family. Christ is our center now, He is the hope we stand on and the cornerstone of our family.

Through MAGNOLIA+PINE, our hope is to spread our faith and love for Jesus through our work, our testimony and our life as a whole. You are welcomed here and we hope you feel at home.

Courtney + Rob